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RASco's Craft Beverage  devoted to improving water purification methods using automated, efficient technologies. The Source Water Tank Integration system is designed for systems that are operating off of low flow rate wells. A tank (not provided) is placed prior to the TruBru system. This tank is slowly filled to prevent damage to your well in off-peak hours using our Digital Control system. A valve and a flow meter located on the supply feed opens and then monitors the flow and will shut the supply down if low flow is detected. Schedules, such as fill for 1.5 hrs and rest for 2 hrs are also available. Once your source tank is full, your TruBru system is ready to deliever the water you need.


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Perfect Water - the first ingredient to great beer. 

Source Water Tank Integration

  • Brine Recovery allows you to take the waste water from the TruBru system and utilize it for other needed items. This water can be plumbed to toilets or used for irrigation system. (Tank not included)

  • pH, TDS, Flow meters and more are all available. Please let us know your exact needs and we can customize your unit to fit your exact needs. 

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